Autsim and me

Hello, my name is adam, and I have autism.

In my website I will tell you about autism, and how it is for me living with it.

but first, be sure to check out itunes, local b.c. artist now has songs up on itunes, her songs are very meaningful and great to listen to, she also composed them herself, and plays the piano in the them, artist name: carley julien, ablum: flow 



These are the main types of the autism family tree

Autism...itself (but many different levels)

Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specifies (PDDNOS)


Retts syndrome

Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD or heller's syndrome)

Thank you to everybody who helped me with my fundraiser for mary's farm :) the animal's say thanks as well 

I am doing a new fundraiser for power to be adventure therapy. One of our staff member's will be hiking on the pacific crest trail in western united states to raise funds for power to be adventure therapy. My fundraiser is to help fund for her to be able to go on this incredible trip.  

I have some duct-tape wallets that i have made. They are $20.00 each, all hand made. These are the one's i have available. They all hold standard bills and also have i.d. pockets. Some have clear I.d pocket as well, taking requests as well