Autism and me


Autism effect about 1 in 150 kids today. The cause of it is still unknown. Some say it's from vaccines and some say it's genetics. There hasn't been a cure found for autism but there are lots of ways to help people who live with autism enjoy a good life. There are services like aba wich stand for applied behaviour analysis. D.I.R wich stands for developmental, individual difference relationship based.


ASD is short for Autism spectrum Differences as how i like to call it, some call it difficulties or disorder.

Well I would like to tell you what ASD is and what it feels like for me, and how you can help me...if you want to.


You can't see that i have autism. I look like most other boys. But you might notice things about me that are a bit different. This is because autism can make me behave and talk a bit differently from the way you might expect. Like everyone else, people with autism are individuals, and autism affects each person a bit differently. So other people who have autism will be like me is lots of ways, but not exactly the same way. They say that no 2 people can have the exact same symptoms/behaviours, they only have similarities.

Having autism means that i have certain talents and certain difficulties. I have a very good memory for example, and know lots of information about subjects that interest me. I'm good with computer's, art, music, mutli-media, card games, and I know lots of facts about things.

But having autism means i have difficulties with some things that most people don't have trouble with. My main difficulties are with what some people call "social sense" - understanding and getting along with people well in certain conversations.

Some autism characteristics:

constant or repetitive behaviour such hand movements
agressive towards others

Lack of functional communication-
stereotypic phrases
nonsense speech
no speech/language

Difficulties with social interaction-
only interacts when something is needed
interacts with objects, not people
preoccupation with things, not people
in his own world

routines that must be followed
only eats specific types of food
may be obsessed with objects (such as fans)