I can find being with a group of people stressful and confusing. This can make me feel angry and confused, and can make me behave in what seems like an unfriendly way.

I usually feel most comfortable with one person i know and like. I sometimes misunderstand what people are doing and why they are doing it, especially if I'm in a group. This can make me feel very stressed out.

If I'm confused about what people are doing, I can get frustrated and angry, and might do or say things that seem unfriendly. But I'm not really meaning to be unfriendly: it's usually because I feel uncomfortable and confused.

And sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by all the noise and sights around me. If i meet lots of new people at once, I can't always tell there faces apart, and that's confusing. If the room is noisy, I find it really difficult to concentrate, and don't always notice if someone talks to me. I don't mean to be rude.

Most people can filter out sounds or sights or scent, but because i have autism I can't always do that. Sometimes I feel overloaded with all this input, and I need to be somewhere quite and peaceful to help me calm down.