Interacting with others

I sometimes find it difficult to interact happily with others

Not being able to tune in naturally to other people can make it difficult for me to take turns, or to play cooperatively. If I feel confused about what people are doing, or what I am expected to do, I might be afraid to join in with games or activities even if I do want to be friendly. Sometimes things seem to go too fast for me, and I feel confused about what to do.

I might only want to play if I decide on the game and choose the rules. This isn't just me being bossy. It's because I feel safer and less confused if I make the rules.

You could help me by gently reminding me about taking turns, and by taking a bit of extra time to explain the rules of the games you are playing. For me it's also easier when I can see how the game is played, so playing as the rules are being told is easier for me to understand.

Also, please understand that I sometimes need to do things on my own. The world can seem very noisy and confusing when you have autism, and I sometimes just need to be by myself, and chill out on my own.

Here are some photo's of me with group activites

In this photo we were playing a game, I was involved with the game but also in my own world at that time, the thing about the picture I like is that the way the other people are in the photo is how I see the world when i'm in my own world, everything else is blurred like that, but the only thing that's in focus is what i'm interested or studying (looking at details of what's around me) at that time

This is prolly one of my favourite pictures of me in my own world, we were playing a game, I was listening to the sounds of nature only, I had blocked off other sounds that people make, I can tend to do this often, block out people's sounds and only listen to nature or other sounds, this is when people can mistaken autism of being deaf, I was also non-verbal at the time.

In this photo I was studying the details of the yarn, in my mind physics of how the yarn was moving around us was going thro my mind, next to me is juz some random person that i've never met *wink*

Even tho I'm in my own world, I'm still able to intereact with other's, we were playing a game of foosball. 

"Adam take the tape" adam says..."it's sticky i'm ok thanks" she was trying to get the tape off of her, but I didn't want it hehe. I like the fire place better, it was warm.