I can get very upset when unexpected things happen, or when there's a change of plan that I havn't been warned about

For people like me who have autism, the world can feel like a confusing place that doesn't always make sense. Routines- things that always happen in the same way or in the same order- can be very comforting and help me feel safe. Routines let me know what is going to happen. I like that. Change means things can happen that I'm not expecting, and I find that difficult to cope with.

Change can be much easier to cope with if i'm prepared for it. So if we plan to do something together, and you need to change the plan, please let me know ahead of time. Then i an be ready for it. Some people with autism don't usually like surprises.

However, doing new things can be fun. As long as I'm prepared for a new experience, and I've been told exactly what's expected of me and what's going to happen, I'm usually keen to try. If someone can write down what;s going to happen, rather that just tell me, it can really help