Sensory overload

Loud noises can feel painful to me.

Most people with autism have what are called 'sensory' overload- they may be very sensitive to what they taste, touch, scent, see or hear things. But these difficulties aren't exactly the same for everyone. Having autism affects everyone a bit differently.

Some people might absolutely hate the touch of certain materials against there skin. Others feel pain in an unusual way-some find light touches painful, for example, while others don't feel pain when most people would. Some people with autism might find it difficult to cope with certain smells, tastes or textures of food. With me, it's noises and sight and certain touch that can cause the biggest problems.

If I'm in a room or shop with lots of people making a noise, or if I'm in a crowded place or if people speak loudly and quickly to me, I can feel overwhelmed and panicky. Also if there is a sudden loud noise such as a hand dryer or balloon popping etc. It can really hurt my ears. Sometimes I cover my ears to block out the painful, confusing sounds, and just want to get away. I also cover my ears sometimes cause I like to hear the sounds of my breathing, It's a type of stim i have wich I will explain later about.

You can help me by not making sudden loud noises, and by being understanding if I'm upset by being in noisy crowded places.


Some days I hear the noise but I can't make out the words at all. Watching and listening are to different tasks for me.

Over-sensitive vs. Under-sensitive 

( over-sensitive )


I may cover my eyes if the lights are to bright, or I may squint a lot

I can be over whelmed by to many colours and objects around me


I may cover my ears

respond to sound that other's don't

may seem like i don't hear you, but will respond if something dropped

may cover my ears and make sounds


I may like to smell certain things

sniff the air to pick up scent

you might see me sniffing a certain person, because I really like the scent she has, so I may do that often


I may upset if someone touches me, especially if i'm not used to them or unsure bout them

iI can be very sensitive to textures and materials

opposed to getting dirty or touching certain objects


I may eat foods of a certain texture or colour

I can be sensitive to hot or cold foods

Movement- I'm not big on dancing type movements

( under-sensitive )


 I might not respond to light and flash bright lights to my eyes

stare at flickering fluorescent lights


speak loudly

turn up the volume really loud on the stereo or computer


may sniff people or objects/items/foods


I like to chew on things

 i can be unaware to temperature changes

I have a difficult time telling somebody if I'm in pain or am hurt

Taste- want only certain foods

I may lick items


Love to move fast (like a race)

sometimes I can be in constant motion and have a hard time relaxing 

rock back and fourth

always on the move~!

 My favourite sensory is deep pressure. You've prolly notice I carry a backpack that may seem heavy at times, that's because it helps me feel more grounded and less concerned of my sense of moment. Deep pressure can help me feel calm. Bear hugs are another type of deep pressure, and play fighting.