Special interests

'm happy and relaxed when I'm involved with my special interests. I'm really into facts and card games and a lot more things

Most people with autism have special interests- subjects that interest them more that anything else. Other people with autism might have a different special interests from me, for example prehistoric times, sports, cars etc. When I'm doing something on my computer or art work or music or learning new facts and card games, I feel happy and relaxed, and I find it really easy to concentrate and focus.

Sometimes, I forget that not everyone shares my interests and I might want to talk about them too much. So if I do go on about my interests for example, I might need help to change the subject. Please be patient. It make me feel safe and confident to talk about things I know a lot about. But you might have to remind me that you'd like to talk about something else. I might not be able to 'read' your face and know if you're bored.

When people with autism grow up, they might become experts in there special interests. Like me, some scientists have been into science sing they were kids. Some of them have autism too.