Tones of voice

(an item has fallen and broken) other person says "that's great"

Although I understand the words people say, I often find it difficult to make sense of the tone of there voice. 

Sometimes I can get confused if people say things sarcastically. Like if someone says "that's great ~!" meaning the opposite. I can also find things like metaphors- such as "pull your socks up" - confusing. I have similar problem with jokes. 

This is because people with autism think literally, and expect words to mean what they say. You can help me by being kind if I misunderstand something you've said, and maybe by explaining a joke or metaphor if I don't get it.

I also find it very difficult to tell if someone is talking or acting in a friendly teasing way or in a bullying teasing way. Other people can usually tell the difference, but i usually can't. This can make me feel very stressed, and I might get upset and angry because I think you're being unfriendly when you're really not.

I can understand lots of things that some people can't (like computers animals etc.). But please try to understand that I can't always make sense of some things that might be obvious to you~! And if I'm feeling confused or stressed, I might say or do something that upsets you without meaning to. PLease let me know if I do that.