Emotions ?

I find it hard to understand the expressions on people's faces. So it's difficult for me to know how they are feeling

Most people don't realize it, but they naturally know a lot about what other people are feeling and thinking. Most people can understand 'body language' - expressions, gestures and body movements that give information about the way people feel and think, and what they are intending to do and why. It's as if they can 'read' feelings by looking at someone's face and seeing the expression in his or her eyes. They can 'hear' feelings in the way a person talks. This is sometimes called 'tuning in' to other people. Most people don't have to be taught how to 'tune in'. They just do it naturally.

But i find it very hard to understand body language, and to know what someone else might be thinking or feeling. It doesn't come naturally to me, and I have to be taught how to do it.

You might notice that I sometimes look away from you, so that I don't have to give you eye contact. This doesn't mean I'm not listening to you, or that I mean to be unfriendly. It's just that giving people eye contact can sometimes make me feel confused and uncomfortable.