You Say Quirks ?

welcome to the "quirks" page. In here I will be telling about some things that's part of autism that may seem odd to other's.

Autism often behaves in certain ways, example: like hand-flapping, or yelling out loud, that isn't typical in other's my age. These unusual behaviours are sometimes called maladaptive behaviours.

These behaviours can happen if I'm feeling 

- frustrated or confused by a new situation or activity

- afraid of something

- overwhelmed by a panic or anxiety attack 

- extremely angry so I may start to kick or bite or hit

- very impulsive and can't control my desire to do something, like having to slam a door or throw      or push an object

- I can be attached to an inanimate object

- upset by the interruption of a certain ritual

- stopped from doing something that is comforting to me, like example: if i'm rocking and                somebody is trying to make me stop, that can be difficult



I'm sure most of you would know the meaning of echo, you make a sound in a cave and then you can hear it as if it's repeating back to you. Well echolalia is basically the same thing.

Echolalia is the echoing and repetition of a phrase or word. Echolalia can be an instant response, meaning that I could or will repeat a phrase immediately after i've herd something that has caught my attention, or that i just like the sound of it. For example: first person says this is so difficult i'm gonna poke my eye out" or "WHAT ~!!!" i like the way they sound, those words/phrase sound funny to me and so I may repeat them over again. It can be just the one time i'll repeat, or it can be for a long time that I will keep repeating those words/phrase. Often, echolalia can't be controlled or stopped on command. Sometimes I use echolalia as a way to intentionally communicate if I don't know what to say or do. The repeated phrase that I may be saying has a meaning to me, but to you, it can seem like just random sayings.

Delayed echolalia occurs hours, days or weeks after I've first herd it. This typa of echolalia is unpredictable and may happen because it's a phrase or word I like and still use.

A good way to help or work with my echolalia can be where you would say " I think you are trying to tell me______" or just let me know that your not understanding what i'm saying or where it came from. An example of "movie echolalia" would be where sometimes I would say, " man i juz ate like a pig, pumba you are a pig, oh right" usually when I say that, it means that i'm full after eating a meal. I may just say one word from the question you've asked me.

Another technique for working with my echolalia can be where if you ask me for example: " adam do you want to kayak, and if i repeat that then you can help by saying "yes I would like to kayak" this can help me get back on track and help me say the answer instead of repeating the question. I may also repeat the question if i don't understand or if i'm confused or even, over stimmed. 


 Obsessive-compulsive disorder

You may have noticed that I can get fixated on subjects and items. 

What tends to happen with me and OCD - 

thoughts and/or images that are recurring and persistent

I can have some behaviours like counting, doing activities over and over again, so example: getting dressed in the morning can take very long sometimes cause i have to put the same shirt on over again and again then i'll end up switching shirts, I've switched up to 10 shirts in one morning before.

Some behaviours that are compulsive and produce anxiety if not preformed, example: I would have to keep touching the coffee mug till it feels "juz right" to me, when i touch the coffee mug or any other item, I hear the sound that it makes, I use my hands to hear things and see things that I either may not understand, or am trying to figure out.

example: I'm in my own world, my ears are not working well for me cause my hearing sense is overloaded, one person who knows me very well tries to talk and explain something to me, I have to touch her lips with my finger so that i can be able to hear and see what words she is saying to me, if she said adam we're going to the van, and i'm touching her lips, in my mid I see the words in slow motion as her lips are saying the words, then i'm able to hear the words after i've see it.

Some other quirks I have that you may have noticed or seen before are:

lining up objects/items, such as, toys, books cards, household items etc.

opening or closing the doors on cupboards,closets, doors in general, and drawers

spinning in circles or walking in circles

"odd" hand movements


counting things or juz random numbers, sometimes for a reason...and sometimes for no reason

preoccupation with object being places in a certain location

make random vocal sounds, so like it could be works that I may repeat over and over, either in english or in another language, or it will be just sounds like animals or random vocal sounds

Sometimes on or more of these behaviours can happen if i'm excited, nervous, unsure, upset etc.